Mi11 Ready Launch

“I used to say, now I’m practicing” maybe that’s what always happens between iOS and Android developers. We have often heard of Samsung vs iPhone but other smartphone companies (Android) do not want to be outdone in mocking the iPhone, the latest one is the Chinese Android smartphone vendor, namely Xiaomi doing the same thing, if in the past Xiaomi mocked the iPhone for not including a charger in the purchase box, now xiaomi does the same thing.

The latest variant of Xiaomi, Mi11, will not include a charger in the purchase box. This is a hot topic of conversation among netizens because xiaomi is famous for its strong and solid community strength known as miFans


Many netizens laugh, mock, even compare, but all of that is done with careful calculations by the Chinese smartphone company.
Mi11 has actually just been launched globally on 28/12/2020 in China what is special about this smartphone is actually a lot, one of which is Mi11 is equipped with the latest chipset from Qualcolm and is the first in the world, namely the Snapdragon 888.

We deserve to wait for this Mi11 to be launched again in Indonesia just like the Mi10 yesterday, there are many and great hopes for gadget enthusiasts who are looking forward to the presence of this latest product from Xiaomi.
Let’s just wait, bro, I hope Indonesia gets to launch the Mi11 in the first semester of 2021.