iOS versus Android

You could say the iPhone is a pioneer in changing the appearance and design of today’s smartphones, but not infrequently these American vendors have become a source of ridicule for other smartphone vendors such as Samsung and Chinese smartphone vendors based on Android.

Android also has the most used customer ecosystem around the world, but iPhone users usually have a sense of loyalty to these gadget companies.

innovation in the iPhone has always been a trademark in the world of technology, especially smartphone gadgets, here are the innovations made by the iPhone, followed by android:

1. The use of a notch, for the placement of the front camera
2. Remove the audio jack hole, for headset use
3. Do not include the charger in the box of purchase



These three things may always be the subject of discussion by netizens in the technology world, but is it always only Android that follows the iPhone? Has the iPhone ever followed innovation from Android? Brad please check other articles.