Porrige for Health

Porridge is a familiar food, especially for those who are sick, porridge not only makes the stomach full until lunchtime, it turns out that there are many benefits of breakfast porridge for health.

For you porridge lovers, here are some of the benefits of porridge breakfast for the body.

1. Digestive System

Porridge is believed to warm the digestive system, including the stomach and spleen. The spleen has an important part, of the human immune system. In order for the body and spleen to function properly, the nutrients contained in porridge can help optimize organ function. This food also has a soft texture so it’s easy to digest and makes your digestive process easier. If you experience indigestion, eating a bowl of porridge is one of the best ways to combat stomach woes.

2. Cure Fever.

Eating porridge not only fills the stomach, but also provides energy to fight infection. Porridge has immune-boosting and antioxidant properties that help fight fever. This is what makes it good for consumption.

3. Lose Weight

Eating a bowl of porridge can help you lose weight. Porridge is a low calorie food, so it can keep your calorie intake. Low calorie content will be useful for preventing hunger so that it will not make you fat even though you regularly consume it.

4. Prevents Constipation

Constipation is a disorder in the digestive system that causes pain during bowel movements. However, this can be overcome by consuming porridge. This one food is full of good bacteria which helps the growth of intestinal bacteria, as well as softens the stool because of its high water content. In addition, consuming porridge can also reduce stomach pain caused by constipation.

5. Eliminate Stress

Eating porridge for breakfast every day not only improves gut health, but also relieves stress. Porridge contains probiotic bacteria, antioxidants and good fats, which help the brain deal with pain and emotions by improving your mood so that your mood improves.

6. Maintain the Body’s Immune System

The immune system is a system in the body that works to fight bacteria, disease or toxins that enter the body. To maintain your immune system, you can regularly consume this chicken porridge. The mineral content in food can help maintain the body’s immune system.

7. Prevent Diabetes

Eating porridge regularly can also help stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This disease usually occurs in people who are overweight and less physically active. Usually, a sedentary lifestyle is also the cause of this disease. The fiber content in porridge can slow down the body’s system in absorbing sugar from food. Controlled blood sugar means lowering the risk of developing heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke.

So, those are some of the benefits of consuming rice porridge regularly.