A. Materials:

1. Rice half a large glass.
2. 1 tablespoon soft salt.
3. 3 pieces of bay leaves.

B. Additional ingredients for a variety of flavors according to taste:

1.3 tablespoons sugar or more (according to taste) for those who want a sweet taste.

2. Seasoning broth / flavoring (royco, sasa, masako, etc.) to taste for those who want to add a savory salty taste.

3. Coconut milk.

C. Cooking process and steps:

1. Wash the rice thoroughly, then after washing it can be soaked in a pan first, give enough water about ¾ of the index finger, soaked for ± half an hour.

2. After soaking, then cook it on the stove with the smallest flame so that it is more regular or stable and the heat does not shrink quickly. Cover the pot, and wait for it to boil.

3. After boiling, enter the bay leaves and stir evenly. After stirring, if the water shrinks and starts to thicken, check if the mushy rice is fully cooked, if it’s still raw then turn off the stove and let it cool for ± 1 hour / as needed.

3. Once cool then cooked again with enough water added. If the water is boiling, stir it well. If it starts to get thicker, check again whether the rice is really soft and cooked. If it feels cooked, add salt and stir again. For those who want to be sweet, add sugar directly, for those who want it to be salty and savory, enter the flavoring seasonings like Royco or Masako. Those who want to use coconut milk enter the coconut milk and stir again until it boils.

4. After a while, taste first whether there is a taste that is not quite right, if it feels enough then turn off the stove.

5. Porridge ready to be served to enjoy.

May be useful.