Wedang ginger is a drink that is well known to Indonesian people and tastes great to drink when the weather is cold and can also nourish the body But don’t worry for the brothers who want to make it but don’t know the recipe God willing, I’ll give you a special recipe, Hopefully it’s useful. Come on, you can write down the recipe / mark it Stars if in the same WA group.


~ 1 kg of emprit ginger

~ 2 kg of brown sugar

~ 1 tbsp salt

~ water 3 ltr

~ pandan 4 lmbr

~ cinnamon 3 cm (2 sticks)

~ cardamom 3 btr (*)

~ Bunga Lawang 3 Btr (*)

~ 1 tbsp pepper (*)

~ 3 stalk lemongrass

~ cloves 7 btr (*)

~ nutmeg 1/4 btr (*)

~ Java chilies 3 btr (*)

~ 1 handful of secang wood

~ 1 item of curcuma

~ 1 ounce of turmeric

~ creamy milk for complemen

How to make :


Ginger, turmeric and ginger are roasted, wash thoroughly on a grated or can also be in a blender, add water then strain, mash the ingredients marked with an asterisk (*), put all the ingredients in a boiling pan until boiling, after boiling, add the sugar to a boil again.


How to present :


Prepare a glass input 1 and a half spoonful of vegetables add creamer milk And the drinks are ready to be served.



Good luck 🍃🍃