(Tangkring oven / stove)

✅ Materials A:

▪4 egg yolks.

▪80 gr low protein flour.

▪50 gr vegetable oil.

▪80 grams of UHT milk.

▪1 / 2 tsp salt.

▪ Vanilla to taste.

✅ Materials B:

▪4 egg whites

▪80gr sugar.

▪1 tbsp lemon lime feeling.


1. Prepare a container and then add ingredients A; starting from egg yolks, UHT milk, salt, vanilla, oil, and wheat flour (which have been sieved so as not to grind). Enter one by one, stirring constantly, and keep stirring until smooth and smooth then set aside.

2. Preheat oven to high heat and put in a baking sheet filled with water (1-1.5 cm) with a size larger than the batter pan. This method utilizes the heat of water vapor to make the cake soft.

3. Put the egg white into another container then mixer on medium speed and add lemon juice when it starts to foam. Then add sugar gradually (3 steps). Mixer continues until it looks softpeak then stop.

4. Mix the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture gradually then stir gently using a wishker. REMEMBER!! Stir gently so that the air bubbles don’t come down and don’t overmix.

5. Make sure the dough is completely mixed all by stirring back using a spatula.

6. Put the dough into a baking sheet that has been lined with baking paper and then beat it several times to make it even and mix with a skewer / stick so that no air gets trapped in the dough.

7. Put the dough in the oven on a baking sheet filled with preheated water.

8. Bake over medium to high heat for 30 minutes and change to medium to low heat after that until it looks cooked. The duration of the baking time varies, it all depends on the oven conditions, so identify the characteristics of the oven you are using.

9. Remove the dough when it’s cooked and wait a few moments then transfer it to another container so it’s ready to serve.


Tips for beating egg whites:

A. Carefully separate the whites and yolks. Because one drop of egg yolk can make the egg white fail to expand.

B. Place in a clean, oil-free container. Make sure the mixer is also really clean without the remaining fat sticking.

C. Enter the lime / lemon juice as a stabilizer so that the egg white does not drop easily.

D. The first beat at a low speed for a few moments. At this stage air bubbles start to appear.

E. Add sugar gradually while continuing to beat at medium speed until the bubbles look smoother but not yet stable.

F. Increase the speed / speed and continue to shake until it reaches the Soft Peak condition, namely: the foam texture is smoother, softer, more stable and sturdy. In this condition, the foam volume will not easily me


🔹 Use new / fresh eggs so that the beaten results are maximized.

🔹 Do not shake until stiff (Hard Peak). Because the results of the shake will easily melt and break because it is difficult to combine when mixed.

🔹 Shaking starts from low speed then medium so that the shaking results are stable and do not fall easily.

🔹 In whisking the egg whites there are 3 stages:

√ Foaming Stage:

The egg white is foamy and begins to rise, the dough starts to lighten. At this stage, sugar is added.

√ Blunt Peak Stage (Soft Peak):

The dough is relatively stiff, forming hilly peaks, aka blunt. The color is shiny, looks soft like cream. If the mixer is turned off and then lifted, the dough stuck to the whisk is also lifted up and then falls again into the bowl.

√ Sharp Peak Stage (Hard Peak):

The dough is very stiff, forming a pointed dough peak. Color is not shiny anymore. If the mixer is turned off and lifted, the dough that was lifted does not fall into the bowl again, but still points upward. At this stage the dough easily melts (separated) between the water at the bottom and the foam at the top. If this happens, do not enter the liquid