A. Materials:

a. 4 stalks of parijoto.

b. 1 pineapple.

c. 1 sweet potato.

d. Various ingredients of salad that are easily available around us, such as; Cucumber, Bengkoang, young mango, Kuweni, star fruit, water guava, Kedondong, etc. Take a taste. The more kinds of fruit, the more delicious and varied the rujak taste.


In the picture of rujak that I made this time, I used the three main ingredients above, and added young mango and kedondong.


B. Ingredients for rujak seasoning:

a. 4 tbsp peanuts.

b. ± 2 ounces of brown sugar.

c. Red chilies and cayenne pepper (to taste) according to taste. But the recipe for this salad is better, not too spicy, even for those who like it.

d. 1 stick of tamarind

e. 1 tbsp salt (to taste).


C. How to make:

▪️ Peel the sweet potato and wash, then shaved. After that the pineapple is peeled, and gently shredded / chopped so that the water comes out. Then immediately mix it with the shaved sweet potato, before the sweet potato changes color.

▪️Parijoto is picked one by one, and the handle is sliced ​​into small pieces. Likewise with other fruits, shaved / cut into small pieces.

▪️Then all the ingredients are mixed and stirred. Add a little boiled water.

▪️Soak tamarind with half a glass of hot water.

▪️ The beans are roasted until cooked. After chilling, knead, and remove the husk.

▪️ Boil brown sugar with 1 glass of water. After the sugar melts, add 1 cup of cold boiled water.

▪️ Then the peanuts, chilies and salt are crushed / ground until soft. Add a little more water to make it smoother.

▪️After it feels soft, then mix it in the salad, along with the tamarind soaking water.

▪️ Also mix the sugar water, filtered, then stir.

▪️ Serve on a plate / bowl, and Rujak Parijoto is ready to be enjoyed. If you don’t eat it right away, or if it’s still left over, keep it in a tightly closed container, and put it in the refrigerator. Can last ± 1 week, but usually less than 5 days of rujak has been used up.

Good luck

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