WhatsApp Users India


WhatsApp has to pay dearly with its latest privacy policy which deposits user data to Facebook because many WhatsApp users have moved to other messaging applications, either Telegram or Signal.

User migration does not only occur in Indonesia but also occurs in a number of other countries, including India. WhatsApp India users were also reported to have deleted WhatsApp and moved to other instant messaging applications such as Signal and Telegram.

Not receiving it, WhatsApp began to make various efforts so that its users did not turn to other messaging applications. In fact, WhatsApp has advertised in several print media in India so that users do not move.

WhatsApp spends around 10 million rupees or around Rp 1.9 billion (Rp.192 rupiah exchange rate) to place advertisements in at least 10 print media in English and Hindi.

“WhatsApp respects and protects your privacy,” read the WhatsApp ad which was plastered on an Indian newspaper with WhatsApp’s distinctive green color and black color.

The ad also says that “respecting your privacy is embedded in our DNA”. WhatsApp also reiterated that the policy change did not affect the privacy of user messages.

On several occasions, WhatsApp continues to say that messages on personal accounts, both between individuals and WhatsApp groups, are protected by end-to-end encryption.

This kind of campaign was also carried out by WhatsApp several years ago when the Facebook subsidiary was accused of failing to address misinformation and hoaxes scattered on its platform.

WhatsApp seemed not to want to take big risks in India so it immediately took action. Because, Facebook is betting big on India.

Last year, Facebook invested 5.7 billion (about Ro 90 trillion at the then exchange rate) in Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecommunications company.

The investment is the largest for social media for Facebook after buying WhatsApp in 2014 with a value of 22 billion US dollars.

The investment is planned to be used to boost digital transactions for 30 million small and medium businesses in India.