GaN Charging Technology

Description of GaN Charging Technology, New Charging Technology.

What is GaN?

Gallium nitride, short for GaN, is a binary chemical compound whose molecules consist of one Gallium atom (group-III, Z = 31) and one of Nitrogen (group-V, Z = 7). This compound, which is in the same family as silicon, the most popular semiconductor material, has semiconductor properties, which have made it stand out since the 1990s through the manufacture of electronic components utilizing GaN including diodes in LEDs, transistors and amplifiers.

Right now, the main room where GaN promises is 5G radio, power supply technicians, and fast charging accessories (ultra-fast chargers). It seems that GaN is gradually replacing the silicon semiconductor materials currently prevalent in terms of power levels and charging efficiency.

GaN Is A Semiconductor Alternative To Silicon

Currently, with more
increasing supply and ultra-fast charging, GaN is gradually becoming a new semiconductor alternative to electronics superior to silicon. But why? Well, it all comes down to power efficiency.

And the reason GaN-based electronics have higher power efficiency than silicon-based ones lies in the wider bandgap that GaN has. All semiconductor materials have what is called a band gap. Bandgap is an energy range that measures how easily a solid material can let energy pass through. To put it simply, a wider bandgap means that solid materials can conduct more electricity at a faster rate.

GaN can provide higher frequency capability, higher power handling, higher power density and higher temperature limits.

What are the Advantages of the GaN Charger?

1. Charging Faster and More Efficiently

GaN chargers that use GaN materials can deliver more power from the charger to the device at a faster speed.

According to a related survey, GaN is capable of transferring electrons 1,000 times more efficiently than silicon. Hence, with a GaN charger, you don’t have to wait for hours on your smartphone or laptop to charge.

The ability to provide a higher power transfer frequency has also made GaN well known in the fast wireless charging field.

2. The Size Is More Compact

the move from Silicone Materials to GaN materials narrows the size of the charger, which makes the charger more portable and easier to carry. The reason why GaN chargers can be designed to be physically smaller than today’s silicon chargers lies in their ability to conduct much higher voltages.

Therefore chargers with GaN chips do not require as many components as silicon-based ones but still carry more current. However, the higher the power efficiency of a component, the fewer components are required.

3. Cooler & Safer Power Supply

a switch to a GaN charger ensures cooler and safer charging. This is because GaN chargers use GaN which has a wider band gap which is more efficient at transferring power, causing less energy to remain in the charger and wasted in the form of heat.

In short, the key to keep in mind is that chargers made from GaN can provide faster charging speeds, higher power efficiency and better thermal efficiency all in a smaller size than traditional silicon chargers.


In short, GaN is becoming a new charging technology used in GaN chargers to significantly improve power efficiency. In fact, GaN chargers have become a growing player in the fast charging space. After all, it’s smaller, more power efficient and safer than its predecessor.

Even though the price is slightly higher, it still deserves to be your next smartphone charger. So, if you decide to enjoy the benefits of charging, give it a try.