INFO Huawei Mate40 Pro

info The known screen suppliers of the Huawei Mate40 Pro are Samsung, LG, and BOE. There are three ways to distinguish:

1. Put a drop of water on the screen and shoot with the macro lens of the phone. If it’s a Redmi telephoto phone, the effect is even better. This can roughly identify whether the screen is Samsung / LG or BOE.
2.In developer options, take the error log, open the report and search for nama_lcd, Samsung’s screen suffix is 90, LG is 100, and BOE is 190.
3. Microscope observation array, LG blue pixel circle, Samsung diamond shape, and Zhou Dongyu BOE.

I looked at my LG screen, and I felt that LG had a relatively high proportion in the early stages, and the screen quality was excellent, not a short board.