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PARIJOTO RUJAK RECIPES A. Materials: a. 4 stalks of parijoto. b. 1 pineapple. c. 1 sweet potato. d. Various ingredients of salad that are easily available around us, such as; Cucumber, Bengkoang, young mango, Kuweni, star fruit, water guava, Kedondong, etc. Take a taste. The more kinds of fruit, the …

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OGURA VANILLA CAKE RECIPES (Tangkring oven / stove) ✅ Materials A: ▪4 egg yolks. ▪80 gr low protein flour. ▪50 gr vegetable oil. ▪80 grams of UHT milk. ▪1 / 2 tsp salt. ▪ Vanilla to taste. ✅ Materials B: ▪4 egg whites ▪80gr sugar. ▪1 tbsp lemon lime feeling. …

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BANANA BOLEN RECIPES 🅰️ Materials A: ▪300gr medium protein flour. ▪200gr margarine. ▪3 tablespoons vegetable oil. 🅱️ Materials B: ▪650gr high protein flour. ▪200gr margarine. ▪100gr powdered sugar. ▪40gr powdered milk. ▪180ml cold water.   ✅ Stuffing ingredients: ▪ Bananas (or other bananas according to taste), saute briefly with margarine. …

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GINGER RECIPES Wedang ginger is a drink that is well known to Indonesian people and tastes great to drink when the weather is cold and can also nourish the body But don’t worry for the brothers who want to make it but don’t know the recipe God willing, I’ll give …

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Porrige for Health

Porridge is a familiar food, especially for those who are sick, porridge not only makes the stomach full until lunchtime, it turns out that there are many benefits of breakfast porridge for health. For you porridge lovers, here are some of the benefits of porridge breakfast for the body. 1. …

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SIMPLE RICE MUSH RECIPES A. Materials: 1. Rice half a large glass. 2. 1 tablespoon soft salt. 3. 3 pieces of bay leaves. B. Additional ingredients for a variety of flavors according to taste: 1.3 tablespoons sugar or more (according to taste) for those who want a sweet taste. 2. …

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